5 Eye-Catching Presentation Folder Options

One of the best ways to convert prospects or to make an impressive statement in your next meeting, is to use custom-designed presentation folders. These marketing elements are incredibly effective in promoting a brand identity, making it the perfect tool for professionals networking with leads, prospects, investors or potential partners. These folders are especially effective when their purpose is to educate. They can be filled with brochures, reports, business cards, and even CD or DVD presentations.

Any folder can be improved with a little conscious design. If you want to make an impressive statement and come across as a competent, capable professional, spend some time really thinking about the identity and brand that you want to promote. By using the right design options, you can fully encapsulate the emotional experience you want people to have when you hand them your eye-catching sales folder.

1. Custom Colors and Designs

When printing folders, there are literally no colors or graphic designs that are off-limits. If you have experience with Photoshop or think you have the creativity to create graphics yourself, you can easily email your completed design to your printer. If you are not as confident in your design abilities, you may want to consider hiring a graphic designer to make your folder graphics more appealing, and project the right emotional experience to the recipients of this vital piece of marketing collateral.

2. Unique Shapes

When it comes to folders, your design can be as wild and complex as you can dream. While standard folders are easily the cheapest option, many creatives or event promoters prefer to have their folders printed and cut into custom shapes. Multiple tabs or pockets can be added to your folder to hold the various pieces of your marketing and education packet.

3. Cutouts and Folds

One graphic designer created a sales folder for his professional services with an overlying front flap cut to resemble the face of a tiger. A business-card sized cutout in the interior pocket is an industry standard, and many companies are choosing many front flap cutouts to showcase a graphic printed on the underlying documents. While the bi-fold folder is by far the most popular, tri-fold or single sheath options are also available.

4. Unique Details and Finishing Elements

Printing operations have become so advanced that nowadays there is literally no folder design option that is out of reach. Consider adding a custom ribbon closure to your folders, or weave a ribbon around the border. Use an enlarged braille or embossed font. Add metal studs or even pop-up elements similar to what you might find in a children’s book.

5. Give Your Audience Something of Value

Consider designing your folder in a way that your audience will want to hold onto and use for other purposes. For instance, a well-designed folder can be designed and printed so the end recipient can use it in other ways, such as a unique poster or door hanger. This gives your prospects the opportunity to interact with your marketing material, and thus your brand, multiple times.