What Are Equity Mutual Funds and how does it Benefit Investors?

An equity mutual is a mutual fund that invests in equity and equity related instruments with the aim of long-term capital appreciation.

Thus, an equity mutual fund is a mutual fund that invest in equity shares of companies that have potential to provide long term returns to investors.

An example of a growth oriented equity mutual fund would be a mutual fund that has in its portfolio companies with a proven track record of great revenue growth or younger companies with potential. Equity mutual funds follow different styles such as growth, blend and value funds and comprise the primary categories of equity mutual funds.

An equity mutual fund scheme generally aims to provide capital appreciation over the medium to long- term.

Growth Plan vs. IDCW(Income Distribution cum Capital Withdrawal’)

The term “Dividend Option” in mutual funds was changed to “IDCW” in April 2021 by SEBI.

Should the investor invest in Growth Plan VS IDCW?

In a growth plan, the profits remain invested in the scheme. Over a long period, the investor can earn compounded returns. Growth plan NAV will always be higher than the IDCW option because on distribution of the available surplus the NAV of the scheme is reduced to that extent. .
In IDCW, the available surplus may be dispensed partially or fully at the discretion of the fund manager / AMC / Trustees.
If investors prefer capital appreciation or long-term wealth creation, they should invest in growth option of the mutual fund scheme.
If the investors aim for cash-flows from their investments, then they may opt for IDCW option.
Benefits of Equity mutual Funds

Potential for high returns over long term
This fund appeals to a lot of investors because of its potential for high return with high risk.

Equity mutual funds are high-risk investment instruments. Therefore, you must consider investing in equity mutual fund schemes only if you are risk-tolerant and are willing to invest for at least 5 to 10 years. The only returns would be your profit on selling the investment and this would be the excess of selling price over the purchase price.

Equity mutual funds are extremely volatile as stocks fall and rise depending on market behaviour. Therefore, it is best suited for investors who are able to tolerate the volatility.

Tax Efficiency
Equity mutual funds attract long term capital gains tax LTCG tax at 10% if the earning is above Rs 1 lakh and held more than a year.

Money management
Fund managers who manage the equity fund are qualified professionals, who identify high potential stocks for the investors.

Diversified Portfolio
A mix of stocks in a mutual fund creates diversification and helps to reduce the overall risk of investing in volatile stocks to some extent.

To conclude, one should invest in equity mutual funds if one wishes to be a long-term investor in the stock market looking for capital appreciation.

Basic Guidelines on How to Deliver a Good Business Presentation

The importance of business presentation is definitely hard to ignore when it comes to the matter of business. Whether your audience are the customers, team members or company executives, how you present your proposal and ideas is very crucial to its success. As a presenter, you need to inspire positive reactions during your presentation and that is only possible if you put effort and thought into your presentation. Otherwise, you will only bore your audience if you appear unfocused and unprepared, and more likely they won’t be interested with your proposal. So here are some tips that can help you make your business presentation attractive and interesting:

  • This one is a no-brainer, but there is no such thing as over preparing. The more important the presentation is, the more would you want to prepare ahead of time. Being prepared bestows you with confidence that could be crucial to the success of your business presentation. The more you prepare, the more you will be able to determine the key points, plan for emergencies and the more you likely you will be able to answer the questions that will be thrown at you during the presentation.
  • In order to have an effective presentation, you need to be clear with regards to the message that you are trying to convey. In addition to that you need to present that message in a way that the audience would find it memorable and entertaining. A typical audience either wants to learn something new or they want to be entertained. Providing with them both guarantees you a positive response.
  • It is important that you know the audience beforehand. Knowing your audience will enable you plan your presentation according to their interest and concern. Don’t even think about making a presentation that generally caters to all because you will only end up with a generic and boring presentation. Cater to your audience and you’re sure that you will have most of their attention during the entire duration of your presentation.
  • If you are going to do a business presentation, make sure that you take advantage of visual aids. Graphical representations can have more impact to your audience and can also keep their attention level high. Fortunately, modern technology allows us to utilize devices like a rear projection screen or film projector in order to improve business presentations through visual aids.
  • Not all of us are born to be natural public speakers, so in order to compensate for this, you need to practice. The more you get nervous during public speaking, the more you need to practice. Practice loosens you up and makes the act of presenting come across naturally. Practice with a mirror or practice with some people you know like family, friends and colleagues. Just keep practicing until your presentation becomes natural.

Not all of us are very gifted when it comes to pitching ideas, but with the right amount of preparation and practice, there is no reason why one shouldn’t improve.

What Makes a Great Presentation for a Successful Conference?

The process that we are working with is we let out customers develop a document, chunk out details into breakable concepts, say, one thought per slide, and place around the slide everything they want to say on it. The reviews does not always need to be all in the slides, it could possibly be about the notes as their manual even though presenting it. Looking around the information on the perspective that we must have the ability to convey the meaning in the data, not just conveying the plain information itself. As an example, working with the finance area, being a finance individual, we need to consider what does this information imply and what would be the findings for this data? Possibly display a chart for these kinds of findings, and elaborate it for the audience, summarize its implications. Other instances we could pull the chart out and exchange it with a metaphor instead.

Exactly. We go beyond designing, it includes brain storming. It is about assisting to craft whole tale for his or her audience to realize the deeper meaning of their presentation. These speakers are already professional of their own subject matter, but assumptions becoming created all through the presentation is unavoidable, that is why, we play the function of audience when we talk about the presentation with the presenter, mainly because audiences would be the one who creates the biggest resistance for this. It is about considering antagonism when formulating the presentation.

Averagely it really is about 4-6 full week, depending on the presentation. Very first, we do have to sketch it out, extremely comparable to the Hollywood model with the tale board. So we totally hand sketch everything out after which they approved the sketch after which we make it digitally.

We typically contemplate the restricted deadline, but if we’re going to write it and create it, it will take anywhere like 4-6 weeks, if we’re re composing every little thing, and it’s not because that it requires that long, but a lot of the time, we’re working with executives, and it’s difficult to obtain on their calendar, which at times makes it long. The topic matter is primarily essential notes to fifteen thousand people or near a billion dollar deal, but when it’s you just sending me your deck, and we’re just washing it up, it’s three days. I imply, so, we’re talking about rewriting it, we rewrite it you react on it simply because there is this process which the speaker obtaining to re engineer their mind about their own topic matter and current it in a way which is familiar to them. The staff needs to have an understanding of what has brought us the attractiveness to the most individuals in the audience. So we brought the subject matter professional, they communicate for the jargon that does not link towards the audience. They may perhaps go to the way that’s fascinating to them, but it is not gonna interesting to any one else. We need to program right and it will take lot of iterations, but really developing the slides is just a number of days.